Caher Consultancy

Leadership and Executive Teambuilding

In close consultation with existing company HR departments we develop Leadership and Executive Teambuilding  courses. Recently we had the pleasure of developing a three day course for some top staff at a growing Irish company. The staff were the company’s senior executives drawn from a number of departments, of varying experience and length of service. In an increasingly competitive market, the client requested a training programme that would be both challenging and enjoyable, educational and of benefit to both the staff attending on a personal level, and the company in operational terms.

Caher Consultancy delivered the tailor-made training package over three days, focussing on individual development, team development and group dynamics. The team assembled to deliver the training were all specialist professional instructors. The training was based on Positive Psychology tenets and incorporated a variety of indoor lectures as well as some outdoor activities. With a focus on experiential learning, the participants were able to implement the management techniques being taught immediately, under the expert guidance of the instructors, to complete a number of practical tasks. From start to finish, the participants found the training thoroughly rewarding, and subsequent feedback verified that participants were able to implement the techniques taught when they returned to the workplace. The client company have recommended our services subsequently.

Wellness programs

The HR Department in a government department decided to develop a wellness program for all staff. Caher Consultancy focussed immediately on the areas of greatest concern for the HR department: tackling the stress levels amongst staff, and helping develop their resilience. We also identified a number of other areas where some improvements could be made. We delivered stress management training and resilience building lectures on-site as well as advising on a number of other initiatives. Using Positive Psychology interventions we helped develop a program aimed at developing the Psychological Capital within the department, aimed at enhancing employee wellness. The program was a huge success, was oversubscribed,  and following the feedback from the initial on-site training, further dates have had to be arranged to accommodate client interest.


In 2015 the Swiss government contracted Caher to instruct on a bi-governmental project in South Sudan, teaching planning techniques as well as stress management and resilience building. The program was successfully delivered to over ten different aid agencies including, Save the Children, Tearfund and Mercy Corps.