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Stress Management

Stress is a natural occurring phenomenon and is part and pace of modern life. How we choose to deal with the inevitable stresses of day to day living has a massive impact on our health, both physical and mental. Michael offers training in stress management, teaching tangible, practical interventions to assist with stress management.

Human rights advocacy

Michael is an experienced and committed human Rights Advocate, regularly lecturing at the United Nations Training School Ireland on resilience in Human Rights.

“I have lectured in the Swiss training school training United Nations observers and I was contracted by the Swiss government to consult as a subject matter expert on the Sustained Humanitarian Presence Initiative in Juba, South Sudan. The project is a Swiss/Irish funded project aimed at improving NGO’s capability to maintain a presence in the field. I was involved in the workshop design and subject matter delivery in Dec2014.

I delivered lectures on Personal Awareness, Stress Management and team dynamics. I taught tangible, scientifically proven Positive Psychology interventions to the twenty five students for their own use, and for use within their parent organisations. The course had students from twenty different NGO’s (including GOAL), and twelve different nationalities. An end-of-course questionnaire rated the Positive Psychology content to be the favourite aspect of the course.”

Schools and youth groups

The same positive psychology tenets that are beneficial to corporate management are also applicable to school students and youth groups. Caher Consultancy has developed a number of programs designed specifically to help improve the wellbeing and happiness of secondary school students. These programs provide training for youth groups and other organisations focusing on developing positive routines and developing strategies to help youths navigate the day to day challenges of growing up in an increasingly fast paced world, and encourage the growth of a positive mindset.

Risk management

In tandem with the Positive Psychology applications Caher Consultancy also provides Risk Management and Risk Management training for a number of high profile clients. Security assessments, briefings and training are conducted to the highest professional level. We guarantee absolute discretion and the highest standards.
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